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Providing Basic Material Resources to start life on their own

Each year, 12-15 orphans leave state-run orphanage boarding schools in the Ternopil region and start life as independent adults. As never before, these orphan graduates need our support at this crucial time, as the Ukrainian government does not have the funds to assist them. These at risk youth do not have the basic material resources to start life on their own, even to live a student's life in a low cost hostel.

That is why our team at the Orphans Future Foundation, knowing from personal experience about the lack of resources available to graduates, did everything possible to assist these 2017 orphan graduates.

The target funds were collected on August 4, 2017, during a charity fundraising concert given by Rock Choir London (directed by Christina Dmytryk-Clark). The Rock Choir, along with the ZORYNKA Childrens Choir of Ternopil, performed at the Central Theatre Square of Ternopil city. The goal of the concert was to raise community awareness of orphaned children, and to raise funds to provide basic needs to the orphan graduates.

From the concert, Orphans Future raised $23,500 UAH/Hyrvnia (about $900 United States Dollars) and used these proceeds to purchase basic necessities for the 2017 orphanage graduates.

In addition to the choirs, this project was also supported by the Real Men Real Style Internet Company Real Men Real Style. The fifteen graduates (6 from the Ternopil orphanage, 4 from the Berezhany boarding school, 2 from the Kremenets boarding school, 2 from Zalishchyk's boarding school, and 1 from the Terebovlia boarding school) each received a kit including: two boiling pots, a teapot, a frying pan with lid, an iron, a hair dryer (for girls), three plates, a mug, a grater, a spice set, a colander, two knives, two spoons, two forks, two teaspoons, a kitchen scoop, detergents and more.

Now, with certainty, every graduate boldly settled in the hostel, knowing that they have all the things necessary to feel level with the other students.

In addition to providing basic material needs to graduates, the Orphans Future Foundation annually organizes trainings and workshops for recent orphan graduates, teaching them basic life skills necessary for independent adult living.

The graduates and the team at Orphans Future would like to sincerely thank all of the people who contributed to making this very important fundraiser a success. Together, we can bring joy, hope, and assistance for those who need it most.

: 01 September 2017

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