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Camp OFFLINE, Summer 2017

From August 20-25 2017, about 25 children deprived of parental care enjoyed Camp OFFLINE", organized for them by youth volunteers of Orphans Future Foundation, including: Coordinator Irina Vakalyuk, and volunteers Ivan Zdeb, Tetyana Tereshchenko and Veronika Dohvat. Each year, thanks to the financial support of the Global Fund for Children (United States), Ukrainian orphan and vulnerable children are able to have an active and interesting summer vacation. For 2017, "Camp OFFLINE" was held at the Berezhany facility, which has the ability to supply recreation and rehabilitation for children.

The purpose of Camp OFFLINE was to allow children deprived of parental care access to an enjoyable summer vacation, without using the Internet.

Every day of the camp had a name: "Start", "Art", "Color Day", "Sports Day", "Independence Day of Ukraine", and "Finish". The youth participated in games, dances, contests, and workshops throughout the camp. During the tasks, each child received "Awards" in the form of emblems of the Orphans Future Foundation. The idea of the camp was to collect the maximum number of Awards", and at the end of the camp winners would receive prizes. The Awards rallied children, as they were active and engaged in the daily struggle for victory. At the end of the camp, all of the children left with gifts.

The children practiced English language exercises, plus assembling and disassembling a tourist tent. The children really enjoyed spending time in the tents and even wanted to stay there for an evening, but the nights were too cool to sleep outside.

All the children enjoyed the "Indian Holiday Holly" color party, which involved using a water football with colored water balls on the grass. Also kids liked to paint their face and hands. The boys and girls created "Postcards for their Friends", painted their own T-shirts and had pictures taken in the photo zone of Camp OFFLINE. All these tasks added to the Camp experience, and helped to create a special positive atmosphere.

At the last day of the Camp, volunteers organized a picnic. The children cooked sausages, roasted marshmallows and enjoyed their time together around the campfire. At the end of the camp, each child received a Camp Participation Certificate, and displayed their own hand made medals for various categories: Courage, Friendship, Confidence, etc. The children used their accumulated Awards to receive sweets, hygiene products, sports equipment, stationery and children's toys from the United States.

On behalf of the children and all of us at Orphans Future, we sincerely thank all of our volunteers and partners for helping us make Camp OFFLINE 2017 a success. A special thank you goes out to the Global Fund for Children and also to Real Men Real Style for giving our children a great summer camp experience.

: 28 August 2017

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