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Rock choir from London helps orphanage graduates of Ternopil region

On August 4th, 2017, about two thousand people gathered at Ternopil City Central Square to enjoy the charity concert performed by the Rock Choir from London and at the same time support orphans of Ternopil region who are leaving the orphanages to enter independent life (orphan graduates).

Seventy members of the worlds largest contemporary choir, ROCK CHOIR from London travelled to Ukraine with this special mission to help the orphans. The long-term friendship of Orphans Future Foundation with the members of the British rock choir and its leader, former Ternopil resident, Christina Dmytryk, enabled this to happen. This was the first visit of ROCK CHOIR to Ukraine. Previously the choir raise funds for the orphans by holding concerts in London.

There was a real festival athmosphere of song and music and the incredible heat on the day did not prevent the good mood and positive emotions of all who were there. A volunteer from local radio station, UH Radio, Lyudmila Rudenko, acted as a very capable MC during the choir program and made sure the whole event went smoothly.

During the program, Andriy Nazarenko, the head of Orphans Future, had an opportunity to explain about the important work of this organization in assisting the transition orphans to independent life to increase the awareness of the general community of the needs of orphans.

Ternopil City Council Deputy Mayor, Leonid Bytsuira, gave a warm welcome to the choir and gave them a certificate of appreciation on behalf of the city. Andriy Nazarenko also gave a plaque to the choir to commemorate the occasion.

During the concert, there were opportunities for the audience to support our charity market by purchasing Orphans Future souvenir products as well as food and drink donated by Friendly Restaurant MAMONT and FRESH HOUSE and waffles from Belgium donated by our good friend, Tracy Berg.

Many people also participated in our charity lottery and had the opportunity to win valuable prizes donated by our Ternopil partners including fitness clubs: FitKid, Tonus, IRON; Stomatologic clinics: "Dutchak" and "MedGarant"; beauty salons, Pan Banyak store, and sports and tourist shops: "Gorgany", "For Dynamo", tour company "TUI" (PP Germanyuk O.V.)

The graduates and pupils of orphanages played an important role in preparing and conducting the charity concert. Ten volunteers from Orphans Future (orphan graduates) and eight current pupils of Berezhany orphanage prepared the area for the concert from the beginning to the end including setting up tents, helping to run the charity market, communicating with the guests of the event and encouraging their support. It was a valuable experience for the orphans to be a part of assisting this event which was organized on their behalf rather than to just receive the benefits. They also enjoyed an unforgettable experience of which they were a part, which was a great boost to their self-esteem.

The result of this spectacular event was that Orphans Future received 23500 UAH in donations which were used to purchase basic items to help the orphans to start their independent lives such as cooking utensils and bedding and other essential household items.

We thank the local media partners who promoted the charity concert throughout the Ternopil region: TV channels TV4 and INTB, newpapers: TEREN, Nash Den, Twenty Minutes from RIA, UX Radio and other Internet outlets. You did a wonderful job.

Thanks also to everyone who participated in this great event. You enjoyed a unique atmosphere, created by a famous, world record-holding choir and at the same time were able to make a great difference to the lives of orphans who are taking the first steps of their adult lives outside the orphanage.

And of course our very sincere thanks to our great friends from Rock Choir, UK, who once again made it their mission to help the orphans of Ternopil Region. You were just wonderful as always.

: 05 August 2017

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