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Catamaraning on Ternopil lake

On July 25th, 2017, twelve participants of the youth club "Successful Youth" which is run by Orphans Future psychologist, Iryna Vakaliuk together with other young people of Ternopil city had an unforgettable trip on tourist catamarans on Ternopil lake. Boys and Girls were able to see the greatness of their hometown and unique natural landscapes.

The young people were given instructions by professionals, Igor Klapushchak and Volodymyr Buchka from charity partner organization Warmth of Hearts on how to put together and operate the catamarans on the water. While the boys were carefully checking every catamaran, whether there is no damage and put them on the water, the girls were preparing picnic lunch.

Such events teach the young people who left the state-run orphanages to gain additional skills such as team building, self-esteem, and skills to overcome difficulties, and friendship and make their healthy choices with their use of their free time and not get involved with drugs or alcohol.

Unlike last year boat trip on Dinister River, this time we only had one day to spend on Ternopil lake. To prepare the catamaran is not an easy procedure, because each catamaran should be well checked for any cracks there damage. The event started on the lake at 16:00 and finished with a picnic on a beach at 20:00. The "Successful Youth" club for orphan youth has been operating since 2015 and is funded with the support of the Lviv Regional Educational Foundation- said the coordinator of the youth club "Successful Youth" - Iryna Vakaliuk.

The pleasant warm weather condition made the activities very enjoyable and memorable for all involved. All the most interesting moments were captured by a photographer Mykhailo Urbanskyy.

The Orphans Future Foundation's team is grateful to the Lviv Educational Foundation for supporting the activities of the youth club in Ternopil and to online company Real Men Real Style for financial assistance in the transporting of catamarans, and renting a picnic area..

: 26 August 2017

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