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Together confidently preparing for independent living

In the period from March to June 2017, twenty-six future graduates of institutions from the Ternopil region aged 14-17 years (Berezhany, Nove Selo, Terebovlya and Ternopil) learned the necessary life skills during the Life Skills training program titled "On the threshold of adult life".

The training program "On the threshold of adult life" was initiated in 2012 by former orphanage graduates who are now active volunteers at Orphans Future. We give a big thanks for the financial support from the Global Fund For Children and in close cooperation with socially responsible businesses from Ternopil, the Department of Education and Science in the Ternopil Regional State Administration, the orphanages, the Ternopil civic youth organizations and the Ternopil city Council.

The purpose of our training is to help children ages 13-17 develop the skills necessary for everyday independent living and full integration in modern society after release from the institution.

Each training session lasted from Friday to Sunday. The structure of the training was built so that the students could independently take certain decisions and take the appropriate steps. In the morning, the children had educational and interactive activities. In the afternoon, there were master classes and recreation time. In addition, the children learned to independently prepare budgets for everyday meal, were shopping at the local supermarket with real money, and prepared breakfast and dinner. This year, the children lived in the dormitory of the Roman Catholic Parish of the Resurrection, who willingly provided the premises for the program.

Each prospective graduate learned something new and improved their skills in four areas:

    • Training "My education as the path to a successful life" was held by coach Irina Yaremchuk from the Ternopil Youth Labor Center. The pupils produced practical skills of choosing a future profession, studied the mechanisms and sources for finding jobs in the Ternopil region and in Ukraine. The children also learned to prepare and submit resumes and prepare for interviews interviewed.

    • "Culture of relationships and family values" was conducted by trainers Eugene Chekushkin and Yuriy Mamus from the Christian Center "Success" in Ternopil. With this theme, future graduates talked about the value of boy girl relationships, increased their knowledge in safe sexual behavior and form ideas about family relationships and marital factors that affect the health of young people.

    • "Interpersonal communication" was held by coaches Christina Bila and Maryana Hevko from the Ternopil Youth Development Center "Bridge". The pupils learned about effective interpersonal communication, learned to interact with others, learned to resolve conflicts and perpetuate this material through role play, discussion, and debates.

    • "Financial literacy" conducted by coaches Malkov Jaroslav and Roman Repko from Ternopil Club of young millionaires. The children gained knowledge and skills on how to manage real money, make and keep their own family budget, and consolidate knowledge in the financial game "Cash-FLOW".

We were pleased to observe the successful development of participants through the program 'On the threshold of adult life, to see and support their ideas, and most importantlythe desire to be part of civil society. We are convinced that this program is necessary but requires continuous improvement, based on the realities of today.

Thanks to our regular socially responsible partners in Ternopil who helped with the implementation of the program "On the threshold of independent life 2017", the restaurants "Khutir", "Churchill", "Ternozavr", "Tavern" Koliba -Bratislava "," MRIYA" "Autoport" "Two Goose", and "TECO". Thanks to Solomiya Hudchak, a volunteer, for helping establish friendly relations with these restaurants.

Thanks to the Department of Transport and Communications of the Ternopil City Council, with Igor Medynskyy as the Head of that department, for helping in organizing transportation for our groups.

Thanks to Iryna Vakalyuk, the volunteer and psychologist from Orphans Future for the daily hard work in helping young people and children adapt to new realities.

And of course, the biggest thank you goes to the Global Fund for Children without which this project would not have started. You inspired our team to turn our idea into reality and make those projects beneficial and successful for orphans and children who are deprived of parental care and live all their childhood in state-run institutions in Ukraine.

We would like to thank everyone who was involved in various parts of assisting the program and helping us realize the dreams of the children. Only together, with a united effort, could we provide the quality of care for the children living in state-run institutions in Ukraine.

Let's keep working towards the socialization and adaptation of the children and the young people in civil society in sending donations to the organization. Please click here to support us here.

: 10 June 2017

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