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Annual Camp "On the Threshold of Adult Life" 2017

The final 2017 Orphans Life Skills Camp was held on June 3-5 2017 at the recreation area "Red Kalyna", located in the Terebovlya District of Ukraines' Ternopil region. A team of Orphans Future volunteers, including future graduates of orphanages from the Ternopil area worked together to provide the training program "On the Threshold of Adult Life", which ran during March-May 2017. The camp was sponsored by the Global Fund for Children.

The activities performed by the children and young people at the camp were intense and engaging. Orphans from different types of schools organized into four teams, sorted by color. Each team came up with a name, slogan and logo: Green "Crocodiles", Pink "Ardent Flamingos", Blue "Extreme" and the Yellow "Dandelions".

In the healthy competitive atmosphere, children had the opportunity to show their knowledge, skills and experience in the various tasks that were prepared for them in advance. In particular, participants had a two-hour quest, organized by children from Ternopil Scout Organization. The financial game "My Budget" aided the children in learning the training material, and the card game "Land of Dignity" ran by Irina Vakalyuk aimed to raise awareness of social rights through human rights education. During the quest, the On the Threshold of Adult Life team answered quiz questions to reinforce training materials, and volunteers from the Foundation "Caritas Ternopil" helped children complete puzzles, with the winners getting some sweets.

During their spare time, the kids played water volleyball, American football, sang songs, danced around the fire, roasted hot dogs on the grill, and swam in the pool. For the 11th anniversary of Orphans Future Foundation, the volunteers organized a sweets table with cake and fruit for children.

At the end, each participant received prizes for individual tasks performed during the camp, plus certificates for their participation.

The team at Orphans Future Foundation expresses gratitude to Igor Medynsky, the Head of the Department of Transportation, and the Communications Department from the City of Ternopil for providing free transportation of camp participants. Thanks also to the Department of Education and Science of Ternopil Regional State Administration for assistance in organizing the program. A special thanks goes out to the volunteers of the Orphans Future for helping organize and hold the final camp for 2017. We wish them all the best.

Remember that together, we can do great things for orphans and children deprived of parental care in Ukraine.

: 07 June 2017

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