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An unforgettable journey to the capital of Ukraine for orphans!

On May 31 2017, tired but happy and full of positive impressions, twenty four children deprived of parental care aged 14 to 17 years from state run orphanages of the Ternopil region returned home from a cultural and educational tour of the city of Kiyv, the capital of Ukraine. Most of these children for the first time visited the capital with the excursion program. Six of the former orphanage pupils, now active volunteers at Orphans Future Foundation, accompanied the children throughout the visit, which helped to establish skills of responsibility and organization.

Planning for the event started two months ago. Volunteers and friends of the project included Oleg Grushetskiy, national TV channel 1+1 Media, Maryna Grytsenko, Alina Gold, chain restaurant "Puzata Hata" and the Department of Education and Science from the Ternopil Regional State Administration. Sixty train tickets cost $250 (US Dollars) to purchase. The kids received positive impressions and new life experience from trips on the Ternopil-Kyiv train and the Kyiv Metro. Everyone received a printed tour program and map of the Kyiv Metro, thus learned to use the instructions.

After arrival at the Kyiv railway station, the children took a walk to the central part of capital, including Khreshchatyk and Independence Square. At Shevchenko Park, the children had a snack that they were given by orphanages. Near Independence Square, the children honored the memory of the Heavenly Hundred (Nebesna Sotnya), read the names of each hero who died during the difficult time of 2013 in Ukraine, and prayed. For each of us, this is an integral part of the modern history of Ukraine, especially for the younger generation.

During the first part of the tour, the children walked in the corridors and conference rooms of the Verkhovna Rada (Parliament of Ukraine) and the Government House (the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine) and learned about their purpose and functions as the main state authorities. The children asked a lot of questions about the main officials of Ukraine and with a great enthusiasm photographed famous places that were previously seen only on TV. After lunch, which was organised for us for free of charge by the restaurant "Puzata Hata", the children eagerly waited for a visit to one of the largest and most famous national TV channels,1+1 Media. At a taping of the TV show "In The Studio", which conducts news, children met with a famous TV presenter Solomiya Vitvitska, talked with her, asked interesting questions, were happy to take photos, and at the end of the meeting all had exchanged souvenirs and gifts. Children shared handmade dolls with a picture, and the hosts gave each child personalized bags and gifts.

After bright and positive impressions, the children toured the corridors and studios of TV channel 1+1 Media. Maybe someone even had an idea in the future to work at the channel. During dinner at the restaurant "Puzata Hata" and on the train on the way to the city of Ternopil, children were sharing their new experiences and wished to have such informative, interesting excursions were organized for them in other prominent places of Ukraine. Tired but with a lot of positive impressions, the children returned to their childhood home and wait for the next trip.

To support such projects of the organization of cultural-educational tours for orphans, join us and together we can make lives of orphans interesting and colorful. The

Orphans Future team is thankful to everyone who joined the project and most importantly to our volunteers: Andriy Nazarenko, Volodia Yavorskyy, Iryna Vakaliuk, Dima Kucher, Luiba Perozhak, Valentina, Bohuslava Kondratieva, and Maria Tereshchenko.

: 31 May 2017

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