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Orphans and their Mentors explorer Lviv City!

On April 22, 2017 eleven children from Ternopil orphanage and their six mentors visited the ancient city of Lviv. The purpose of the one day tour was to get together the orphans and their mentors to spend free time together and to show them cultural and historical places in the old city of Lviv.

Thanks to Maria Sakvuk, a friend of Orphans Future Foundation, the children received an excellent opportunity to see the center of Lviv from the windows of the Wonder Train, some ancient and modern temples, palaces, famous monuments and buildings. Afterwards, children and mentors visited the interactive museum "Secret Pharmacy" and discovered its ancient history. Orphans and mentors learned about the history of medicine there, and saw the old pharmaceutical laboratory of a secret pharmacist who produced medicinal drugs. They also went down the secret stairs to the hidden dungeon Pharmacies. The kids enjoyed the Lviv Opera House, visited the Market Square near the Lviv Town Hall, walked on Liberty Avenue, visited the Lviv Chocolate Workshop, and the Armenian Church.

Talking with a mentor made the trip interesting, allowing children and mentors became more open with each other.

Thanks to Father Roman Prokopets (from "The Orphans Care Center") who has been a friend of our team at Orphans Future for over 5 years, the guests from Ternopil were treated with free lunch and dinner at the cafe Levoburger.

The whole group of children and mentors is grateful to the Global Fund for Children for covering the cost of transporting children by train. It was another great real world experience for some children who for the first time picked up a personal train ticket and learned how to read it: checking the train number, carriage and seat number and noting what time the train arrives and departs. Before that, all those things were always done by caregivers.

Children gladly took pictures of everything and every moment, and were able to talk openly and honestly with their mentors during the trip to Lviv. It's important for them to be somewhere to escape from the monotony of everyday life, and at least for one day experience a new environment.

The Mentor Program provides positive changes in the life of every child who lives in an orphanage or boarding school.

If you really want to help a child from the orphanage, become a mentor today and together we can change the lives of children and graduates of orphanages in Ukraine.

: 28 april 2017

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