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Orphans Future Annual Meeting

Orphans' Future board members and volunteers gathered at the Ternopil Resource Center for Orphans to summarize our achievements in 2016 and to discuss the plans of the organization for 2017. During the three hours of the meeting, the volunteers provided suggestions, comments and recommendations for future plans and projects of the organization for 2017.

The Financial report for 2016 was presented by Andriy Nazarenko, chairman of the foundation, which revealed that Orphans' Future was able to attract nearly 615 000grivnas ($ 24,600 USD) in donation. For full details of our annual financial reports please go to our website link Annual Reports

After the financial report was given and approved, the participants identified priority areas for the work of Orphans' Future in 2017 as follows:

- Continue teaching life skills to future graduates of orphanages of Ternopil region by conduction training program funded by a grant from the Global Fund for Children

- Promotion of family care system for children (foster families) through various media outlets and provide ongoing support to the foster families

- Continue the program Mentor an orphan by providing training, meetings, camps and other events for suitable mentors and children from orphanages.

- Organize summer camps for orphanage children who lack the opportunities to have quality recreation activities and leisure.

- Maintenance of the Ternopil Resource Centre for Orphans, which provides free access to psychological counseling, legal assistance, the library and IT resources, a mini kitchen, washing machine and shower or an opportunity to just talk with other members of the organization over a cup of coffee.

- Continue to run the Youth Club "Successful Youth" for orphan graduates organized by Orphans Future psychologist Iryna Vakaliuk, which provides interactive meetings twice a month to discuss issues of independent living, as well as providing opportunities to enjoy various activities such as camping, rafting, caving as well as excursions to other cities of Ukraine.

- Organizing and conducting charity events for Easter, Christmas and St. Nicholas with the assistance of local philanthropists and volunteers.

- Realization of new exciting projects such as "Bicycle for Orphans, a fundraising charity concert involving a hundred singers of the Rock Choir from the UK, and an educational tour by older orphan graduates of the Ukrainian parliament buildings and independence square in Kyiv.

Thank you to all supporters who make it possible to us to provide a brighter future for orphans in Ukraine and will be grateful for your continuing support in 2017

We invite your suggestions, ideas and comments at our our e-mail.

: 02 February 2017

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