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Orphans Future Ukraine - the USA partnership

During January 2017, Andriy Nazarenko, head of the Orphans Future Foundation travelled to the USA to establish further partnerships with Ukrainian and American individuals and organizations. The aim of this trip was to meet and speak with current supporters and to seek other avenues of support for our work in improving the lives of orphan children and youth in 2017 in the Ternopil region of Ukraine.

This trip was funded by Andriys foster parents Tim and Carlene Lois and Carl Ebneter.

During the five weeks of the trip, Andriy succeeded in attracting several new partners and friends committed to helping Ukrainian orphans including, Gordon and Karen Gryffin, John Shep, Jeff and Lisa Saviano, Kermit am Bethany Traska, Peter and Paulla Bridies, Maria Meana, Dina Wood , Heidi Horstmen, Ken and Judy Gilmour, Yohan Delton, Cora White, Volodimir (Jonathan) Pylypiv, Adrian and Chris Spronks, as well as the following organizations: Meest Karpaty in Chicago, Crosview Evangelical Church in Antioch, United Ukrainian American Relief Committee (UUARC), The Elliott Foundation and ISIDA Bridge in Florida.

Further benefits from the trip included:

- Assistance to any person from Illinois and Wisconsin who wishes to send a parcel, care products, games or clothing to Ukrainian orphans by contact with MeestKarpaty Org in Chicago (Director, Maria Iwanec)

- The ability to send financial donations with tax benefits for the citizens of the United States by contacting the affiliate United Ukrainian American Relief Committee in Philadelphia. Any donation should specify in the designation of aid "for Orphans Future Ukraine ".

- Reunion of ten former Ukrainian orphans, who were adopted in the US 25 years ago and now have a desire to help other orphans in Ukraine. We appreciate the co-organizer of the event Annya Knautz. We have planned to organize a larger meeting in August 2017 in the Cultural Center in Chicago.

- Orphans Future received financial assistance for activities in 2017 amounting to almost two thousand dollars from Dina Wood, John Shep, Elliott Foundation, KermitTraska, Gordon and Karen Griffin, Maria Meana, Heidi Horstmann in memory of her husband David Horstmann, Peter and Paula Bridies and Adrian and Christin Spronks.

On behalf of the Orphans Future Foundation team thank everyone who contributed and continue support orphans of Ternopil region in Ukraine.

: 01 February 2017

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