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Mentors for Orphans

A Meeting of Mentors who care about the fate of orphans was held in January in the premises of the Ternopil Resource Center for Orphans. Over a cup of coffee, participants shared their experiences of the interactions with orphans from the Ternopil orphanage, summed up the results of the volunteer work as a group, and as individual mentors in the project initiated by the NGO, "One Hope". Mentors, together with the Orphans Future psychologist, Irina Vakaliuk, discussed the development strategy vision 2017 for the future mentoring and individual interaction with orphans.

The role of the Mentor is to prepare orphans for independent adult life through the development of the potential, revealing facets of personality with a caring attitude. Mentors are not a teacher or a sponsor for the child. But mentors can teach children simple skills for everyday life like cooking, washing and ironing, as well as how to plan a budget, how to choose products in a store and how to get medical help or other advice. In addition mentors can advise orphans on how to choose a future profession, prepare for admission to university or get a job.

Currently there are meetings with the mentors and the children on site. However, mentors have the opportunity to take the children for an interesting time at the shopping mall Podolyany to relax or go for a walk. During these meetings the children are able to talk openly about their experiences, emotions, hopes and plans for the future. Also mentors can help students with their homework, which is not easy for any child when there is no individual support, advice or belief in their own ability.

Orphans Future would like to thank to all the mentors who make life for an orphan brighter and happier but giving a part of themselves and the time.

For more information about the mentoring project for orphans go to the link: and then apply by email:

Thank you for your interest and improving the life of an orphan.

: 23 January 2017

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