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International Partnership for the future of Ukrainian orphans

During December 9-14, 2015, the head of Orphans Future, Andriy Nazarenko visited the Netherlands to establish close cooperation with local organizations that work with children and youth, WALO and

By discussions and review of the impressive work of these organizations with their local community in thesmall town of Achterveld, Andriy found much that could be applied to the work done for orphans by Orphans' Future in Ukraine.

Andriy also had the opportunity to learn about how the system of foster care operated in The Netherlands, including such issues as:

-the cooperation of public authorities with civil society organizations,

-the criteria by which potential parents are selected

-the education and training of prospective foster parents,

-the monitoring the fate of young people after leaving custody.

Also Andriy had the opportunity to meet with foster families and speak to them about their experiences.

This information will be useful in discussions with authorities in respect of the fledgling foster care system being implemented in Ukraine.

On December 12, 2015, Nazarenko took part in the preparations for the traditional "Christmas Market", which on December 13th gathered together more than two hundred residents of the towns of Ahterveld, Louzden and Amersfoort, participating in various kinds of activities ranging from singing, music, dance, workshops, food and beverage sales, and most importantly the sale of Ukrainian Christmas products and souvenirs. And all this was happening to support Ukrainian orphans of Ternopil region.

During conversations with local philanthropists, Andriy, as Director of Orphans Future, offered several possible interesting projects that would be of great benefit to orphan children and youth. One such project suggested was the collecting and sending of bicycles to Ukrainian orphans, because as we all know, the Netherlands is known as the country where there are more bicycles than people. Therefore, the reality of such project is highly possible. Another suggestion was to conduct tours to the Netherlands for orphanedchildren and youth for cultural exchange to share experiences between the two countries.

Overall the trip by Andriy to The Netherlands was highly productive and Orphans Future is very thankful to the WALO team for their kindness and support of orphans in Ukraine

: 14 December 2015

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