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To sum up the program "On the threshold of independent life 2015"

From October to December 2015 fifteen young people, the graduates of orphanages of Ternopil region aged 16-19 years old, participated in the training program, "On the Threshold of Independent Life 2015", organized by Orphans Future and funded by The Global Fund For Children in partnership with the Hotel Halychyna

Young orphan graduates had the opportunity to participate and learn in six modules: -

1. "Leaders are not born, leaders are made" (3.10.15), trainer - Irina Vakalyuk from "Orphans Future";

2. "Motivating and equipping young people in finding employment" (10/10/15), trainers Iryna Nestyuk and Olena Borisyak from NGO "Ternopil Regional Youth Employment Center";

3. "Basics of time management - Effective financial management" (24.10.15), trainer Ruslan Yerheshov, coordinator of "All-Ukrainian Initiative - Active Community ";

4. "Family values - Basics of relationships" (7.11.15), - Yevgeniy Chekushkin and Yuri Mamus from Christian Educational Center, "Success" ;

5. "My life project" (Kyiv 28-29.11.15), trainer Yulia Nosach from "Partnership for Every Child";

6. "Youth for a Healthy and Non- Violent Lifestyle" (5.12.15r), Maryana Hevko and Christina Bila from the Youth Development Center, "BRIDGE".

After completing the program in 2015, our young orphan graduates shared some aspects of the training that made an impact on them. These are some of their comments:

"I remember the theme of leadership" including "what is Discussion and debate" and "Leadership and what it is"; We need to make leadership decisions in our lives"

"I liked everything, especially as we went through real job interview experiences, because I really need it to have confidence for the real thing"; "The important training for me was 'Career Day', where we were shown how to prepare a resume, how to behave at an interview, and how to apply for work. This will help me find a job and work for my own future".

"Information we were shown about family relationships and how to properly build the foundations for a family of your own' will be very important for when I start a family of my own. I also found helpful the Session on 'Forgive your parents'. We need to look forward to properly making a good future for the families we will be making and forgive but not make the same mistakes as happened in our the past life".

"I thought the sessions on 'How to earn money' and 'How to manage your Finances' and 'How to set future goals and implement them in your life', will be very useful to me to be in charge of my own life when I am living on my own."

"I learnt the most from the trainings on ' The need to plan own life', 'Highlighted positive qualities' and 'My life is in my hands'. I know now a lot of my future depends on me doing something about it and not expecting others to do it for me"

"I best remember the exercises called, 'From knowledge to security', 'Types of violence and behavior' and especially 'How to protect yourself from violence'. I have had enough violence in my life before. Now I know how to take steps to prevent it violence in my future and in my future family life".

As a result of the training provided the orphan graduates were able to be much better prepared and more confident to face their future lives outside the orphanages. They also know that the help doesn't stop with just the training and they know where they can find ongoing help as they go out to life on their own because Orphans' Future will always give a helping hand when needed and a shoulder to lean on.

On behalf of the orphans, Orphans' Future would like to offer their sincere thanks to the hotel, "Halychyna" and its cafe, for providing free room, delicious food and a warm welcome to the orphan graduates and to the 'Global Fund For Children' whose funding made possible this training program, "On the threshold of Independent Life 2015". We believe that the investment in training and education of orphans, will provide great benefits to the future independent lives of the orphans which will flow on to benefit Ukrainian society as a whole.

: 06 December 2015

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