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Leaders Are Not Born - Leaders Are Made

From October 2015 Orphans' Future began a series of training sessions on the basics of independent living for graduates of orphanages of Ternopil region. On Saturday, October 3rd, 2015 fourteen orphanage graduates who became students of local colleges attended the first of six training sessions "Leaders are not born - Leaders are Made". An intense and fruitful day was divided into the following blocks: My role in decision-making, Leaders and leadership, Leadership - What is it?, and Leadership development. Classes were held at the conference hall at Hotel "Galychyna", which provided a room for training for free of charge.

The training for youth was held by Iryna Vakaliuk, Orphans Future's psychologist. The students learned about a leader and how to develop leadership skills. The training included the idea that being a leader does not mean always to be a director or a businessman, as everyone can begin to become a leader by volunteering through active participation at company, a group, community, church or school. Orphan graduates learned the ways to achieve their objectives and be responsible for their actions as the main tasks of a leader.

Through interactive exercises, the graduates have been able to realize their value as a person; realized that only through persistence and determination they can achieve their desired goals. In particular, the exercise "Emblem" allowed the participants to identify their own priorities in life, values and achievements. Young people actively discussed and exchanged personal experiences. A positive example for girls and boys were experiences from former boarding school graduates who were able to achieve plans and overcome difficulties in life. Such positive examples stimulate young people and encourage them to take active positions in society.

All the activities and basic services for orphans provided by Orphans Future were explained by Andriy Nazarenko, the chairman of the foundation during the training session. Particular attention was paid to the concept of "volunteering" and the valuable role of volunteers society. The graduates realized that they have many opportunities for self-realization.

The educational program "On the threshold of adult life" is implemented by the Orphans Future team and made possible through the financial support from The Global Fund for Children and The World Orphan Project. We express our sincere gratitude for the delicious lunch and dinner to the cafe bar "Galychyna", as well as to the administration of this hotel for providing a conference room of free of charge.

This day was very beneficial to giving young orphan graduates the inspiration they need to realize that they can become leaders and take responsibility for their own lives and not just sit back and expect everything to be done for them by others

: 05 October 2015

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