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Summer Camp Fortuna

From August 21 to 24, 2015, four volunteers from Orphans Future - Irina Vakalyuk, Volodymyr Yavorsky, Kateryna Zablotska, Yanna Opalenyk went to Berezhany Health Sanatorium for the summer program "Fortuna". Berezhany is an old small historical town of Ternopil region. It is located in 60km from Ternopil city. This was the second time this summer that Orphans Future invited volunteers to organize a productive camp program for orphanage kids from the Ternopil area.

The volunteers faced some challenges during their time at the sanatorium, such as where to take their meals. The children had hoped the volunteers could eat with them and experience their daily routines but sanatorium rules did not allow the volunteers to eat there. This meant that they had to search for local cafes in the area that had affordable prices. Our volunteers were blessed by the kindness of people who offered financial support and by the finding of a cafe in walking distance from the sanitorium. Another challenge for our volunteers at the beginning of the camp was how to cope with the special needs children from Nove Selo orphanage. But because our volunteers came with love and care, they didnt notice a big difference and never had problems with cooperation from the children.

During the camp program children played interesting games and competitions, keenly participated in workshops where they enjoyed learning new skills and communicated with new friends. One of the volunteers, Iryna Vakaliuk, noted that at each meeting with volunteers, the children were always waiting impatiently. The volunteers gave the kids positive attention and boosted their self-esteem. As an added incentive to encourage the children they were awarded ertelyky (stickers) for participation in the various camp activities. One of the first activities was the 'Introduction Game' which helped the volunteers to get to know many new things about children, including their achievements, interests, and most importantly - the dreams that should be reached. Volunteers conducted a master class on making bracelets. It was something new and interesting for the children.

At the beginning all the kids didnt even believe that they could make such beautiful items themselves but they exceeded their expectations - and made incredible beautiful bracelets. The most preferred colors were blue and yellow (the national colors of Ukraine). After, the children were able to keep the bracelets or gave them to close friends. In addition, the volunteers taught orphans to create masterpieces on stone using acrylic paints and brushes. Creative thoughts and ideas of the children were awesome. Pleasant emotions brought to children when participating at master class "handmade dolls", in which everyone was able to create a doll for themselves. During the sport games and competitions, all the children were very competitive and tried to be winners. The favorite game was "water balloon fight" which was greatly enjoyed by all the children.

It was wonderful to see the great enthusiasm with which the children participated in the different camp activities and the joy in receiving stickers and sweets and small prizes. Also wonderful knowing that throughout the program children were developing their social skills and growing in self-confidence in achieving things they didn't believe they could do. Besides the sport activities, the kids enjoyed various arts and crafts and collages about summer time and future life. This task helped the children to develop their creativity and to dream a little bit about bright future. In particular three girls, Ira, Claudia and Vaselyna made a collage of their dreams to spend summers in active travelling.

On August 24th, Ukrainian Independence Day, the volunteers organized a picnic for all the children. Kids had the opportunity to bake marshmallows on fire and make sweet sandwiches with cookies, chocolate, and marshmallows. These sweets components were brought by Tracy Berg a volunteer from Belgium. Sweet sandwich was consolation for all.

A friendly circle of volunteers and the children didnt want to break and no one wanted to say goodbye. But everyone understands that this is not the end and that meetings will continue even after the children go back to their orphanages, because the Orphans Future team stays in touch with the orphans all around the year.

The culmination of summer camp "Fortune" was the presentation of certificates to each child who actively participated in the camp program during July-August 2015. At the end, the children unfurled a blue and yellow flag and wished all a good life, peace and harmony. "We all remember that the mother Ukraine we have is the only one and we are your children." said one of older orphans.

: 25 August 2015

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