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"On the Threshold of Adult Life"

On April 17-19 2015, the first of six "On the Threshold of Adult Life training sessions were held in Ternopil for fifteen future graduates (aged 14-18 years) of orphanages from the Ternopil region (Nove Selo, Ternopil and Strusiv). The event occurred at the NGO "Youth with a Mission facility. The training sessions taught future generation of orphanage graduates basic independent skills.

The three day program had three in three components: Learning, Leisure and Cooking. Learning lessons included: "Defending Your Point of View", "Learning Self Presentation", "Determining Life Goals", "Interpersonal Communication & Conflict Resolution."

For Leisure, teenagers had the opportunity to bowl at the "Podolyany" mall, and view a historic film.

In the Cooking part, the participants prepared a breakfast and dinner menu which included dishes from the childrens request. The boys and girls had to select the products for cooking meals, and make their purchases at a local supermarket. Volunteer Natalia Kotsyuba from "Caritas" helped participants prepare dishes such as salads, pancakes with cheese and apples, potato pancakes with meat, pizza with mushrooms, and ham with vegetables.

Volunteer Diana Sahan spent an hour teaching a master class on body care. The children took notes and asked for advice on skin, hair and hand care. , ,

Some impressions from the participants:

"It was so cool to go shopping in the supermarket. I felt like an adult, because I selected the products and purchased them by myself."

"I liked the Dianas workshop on skin care. I learned a lot of interesting things. I had many questions and received helpful responses. "

"I gained knowledge of how to behave in conflict situations."

"It's a great idea to teach us to cook, because the time will come in adult life, and we need it."

"I am glad that this program is helping self-development. The atmosphere was cool and there were nice people. I got a lot of experience, thank you and hope to see you next week."

"I liked how we were doing a collage of our future on a poster. Learned how to take care of my skin, how to buy products and would like to ask our own trainers to bowl."

"It was interesting to ride most of the city on a public transport, how to care for my face and hair and make pancakes by myself.

"It was interesting, but sometimes was difficult to speak and open up myself. I liked entertainment, because we gained power and then quietly received new knowledge.

The seminars were presented by representatives from the Ternopil NGOs "MIST", "Caritas", plus volunteers who wished to teach interesting and useful things to our graduates.

The educational program "On the Threshold of Adult Life" is implemented though financial support from the "Global Fund for Children" (United States) and with the assistance of the Ternopil Regional State Administration Department of Education and Science.

We express our sincere gratitude to our volunteers and supporters for helping us conduct the Threshold training. Special thanks to the Ternopil City Council for transporting participants in the city, the Ternopil, restaurants "KHUTIR" and "CHERCHYL" for organizing free lunches for the participants, and to "Podolyany" for organizing bowling.

: 20 april 2015

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