Certificate 2017

Benefactor in education 2016

Transparency in Philanthropy Award 2015

Regional Benefactor 2013

Public Benefactor 2011

Winner 2007 in Ternopil Region

New Meetings - New Opportunities for 2015!

During February 2015 the chairman of the Orphans Future Foundation, Andriy Nazarenko had a productive business visit to the United States. During the trip abroad, Andriy had important and promising meetings with regular and new partners and friends of Orphans Future: The Global Fund for Children, World Orphan Project, Cora White, Mike Elliott from Gencor Corporation, Evangelical Free Church, Ukrainian Diaspora of Wisconsin State (the organizer, Volodymyr Jonathan Pylypiv), Gordon and Karen Griffins, Maria Meana, Christina and Adrian Spronks, Yohan Delton, Kermit Traska.They will support financially the organizations programs in 2015.

Andriy was able to bring some goods to Ternopil for Ukraine orphans.

Andriy Nazarenko is thankful to foster family Tim and Carlene Lois and Carl Ebneter of Wisconsin for providing free assistance in lodging, meals and transportation of the Ukrainian benefactor.

: 23 February 2015

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