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Annual Orphan Graduates Meeting

On December 15-16, 2014 at the recreation center "Forest Manor" 15 young graduates from state-run orphanages participated at the annual meeting of the program, "On the threshold of adult life." The main objective of the meeting was to get acquainted with the achievements of students in the academic year 2013-14, and to identify areas of need for from Orphans Future" in 2015. The graduates shared their experiences of the first year of independent life. Some continued to study after leaving the orphanages in technical collages or universities; some took additional courses such as English and driving schools as well as had their first experience of earning money in part time employment. The recent graduates had also received helpful advice from previous graduates who had been in a similar position in their lives. Also Andriy Nazarenko, the Director of Orphans Future, gave an account of all donations that were received as well as how they were used to benefit the orphans. Andriy also thank to volunteers of Orphans Future for many hours of their time which they gave to help the orphans.

This meeting was one of several meetings made possible with funding from the Global Fund for Children (USA) and Ukraine Charity (London). The main objective of these meetings is to give the orphans the assurance that they are not forgotten after they leave the orphanages and that they are not alone in solving life problems and to give awareness of ongoing help and support available from Orphans Future.

: 16 December 2014

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