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Orphans Visit the Home of St. Nicholas!

St. Nicholas Day is a special holiday for Ukrainians and it is a celebration of gifts and dreams. And what dreams the orphans have living in state-run institutions during these holidays? We all often think about this and want to share a joy with the poor.

No one better understands what the children from orphanages are waiting for during these holidays then the volunteers of Orphans Future. Each orphan hopes to have some holiday time outside of the orphanage and experience the joy of a Christmas celebration and receive some gifts. For the second year in a row Orphans Future organized an opportunity for orphans to travel to Ternopil and enjoy the charity event, Orphans Visit the Home of St. Nicholas. This was achieved with help from Ternopil volunteers and Ternopil City Council and the Department of Education and Science of Ternopil Region. This event was held in the Ternopil Palace of Culture, "Berezil", and about 120 children from nine orphanages of Ternopil region attended.

The children visited the so-called home of St. Nicholas in which they had workshops and made Christmas decorations with their own hands. The children were welcomed with songs and poems by creative teams from the Ternopil Creative Center for Children and Youth. They also had the opportunity to see other children display their talents and enjoyed the performances and the childrens costumes. The orphans played some fun games and were involved in some energizing activities and competitions with fabulous characters, including St. Nicholas himself. The children enjoyed the celebration tradition to recite poems or sing songs to St. Nicholas and receive a gift. In workshops children learned how to make Christmas decorations and afterwards proudly displayed the handmade gifts to St. Nicholas and received a gift. In addition each orphanage boarding school received a set of sport balls which were donated by Oleksandr Vystavnyy, himself an orphanage graduate. Free dinners were provided for the children by local restaurants, Khutir, "Bratislava", "Olesya" and "Cherchil". On behalf of the children, we are thankful to all the workers of these restaurants for the delicious meal.

Unfortunately, as each tale have an end, and our celebration came to an end too. We were pleased to that the children really enjoyed the St. Nicholas celebration and return to the schools happy and satisfied. They are looking forward to experience new and wonderful things in the New Year. For the happiness of the child, not a lot is needed: a little bit of attention, caring, a sincere smile, and most importantly - love.

Acknowledgement of assistance for St. Nicholas celebration for orphans: Olia Dmytryk (London) - 1100hrn for handcraft class, Iryna Philippi (Italy) - 3000hrn. - for fruits, Pizzeria "MAYAK" (Ternopil) for bananas and toys, Ternopil Mercedes Club for 500uah for fruit, Pizzeria "Stara Pizzeria" for pizza, Irina Ivashchuk for juice,"Harchovyk", "ANT", "Terkuriy", the Global Fund for Children (USA), the graduate Vystavnyy Olexandr and his team for sports balls, CF "Podolyany, Workshop "Koza Dereza" for fabulous costumes for our volunteers. Special thanks to the volunteers, without whom St. Nicholas would not be so bright and saturated. - TV channel TTB about the St. Nicholas Day for orphans. - About the charity event in local TV channel TTB.

: 15 December 2014

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