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Family Care for Children as an Alternative to Institutional Care!

80 thousand children live in state-run institutions of Ukraine and often, for unknown reasons. To solve the problem of the institutional care in the Ternopil area, Orphans Future has joined the Ukrainian national civil campaign, "Open the Doors to Children." The essence of the campaign is the gradual abandonment of institutional care and replacing it with family care. During November the Orphans Future team started to implement this campaign as follows:

On November 20th, Andriy Nazarenko, the head of Orphans Future, gave a speech at the Art Exhibition, "Open the Doors to Children", in Kiev. This exhibition, which ran for three days, included the photographic display of the life of children in orphanages. It was here where the campaign was introduced to the media which was well represented by several television stations and newspapers. Orphans Future helped to bring about a national awareness of the importance of this campaign.

On November 24th, Orphans Future organized and held a press conference in Ternopil to further explain this campaign to the local media which was again well represented including television stations: TV-4, TTB, INTB, and state and regional radio and newspapers.

At this conference there was also a photographic exhibition of the living conditions of the orphans in our local state-run institutions at Berezhany and Nove Selo. Orphans Future organized professional photographer, Mykola Vasulechko, to make this display.

During several days in December, Orphans Future pay the transport cost for the Social Services of Ternopil region to visit adoptive families with the aim to study the living conditions of children in foster care and make a documentary film about life of the children in a family environment. A cooperation agreement was signed with the TV station TV-4 with aim to promote a family care system in Ternopil region through a series of programs.

: 24 November 2014

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