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"On the Threshold of Adult Life" - Meeting with Orphan Graduates

"Orphan graduates" is the term used to describe the young people who have finished their time of living in an orphanage, (which is often also a boarding school), and beginning a new phase of independent life in the wider community. It is one of the goals of Orphans' Future to assist the orphans to make this transition to life outside the orphanage as smooth as possible.

In order to provide the best support to orphan graduates, Orphans' Future held meetings with them in September to better understand their individual needs and problems.

During 6th-8th September, fifteen graduates participated in a training program called, "On the Threshold of Adult Life", in which they were introduced to the types of support available through the Orphans' Future Organization and the role of volunteers in our organization and in the wider community. The graduates were given the opportunity to share their experiences and future plans as well as participating in some leadership skills training. These meetings were made possible this year through the financial support from The Global Fund for Children and Ukrainian Charity organizations.

In addition to the meetings and training, the fifteen graduates were given some useful household items for their new independent living including dishes, pots and pans, set of bed sheets, blanket and pillow and a bag. These items were purchased with the help of WALO (Netherlands) and through the project, 'Support the Orphan Graduate', which raised $1,550 USD through the Ukrainian Online Philanthropic Marketplace.

Also during September the Ternopil Information-Resource Center for Orphans, which is operated by Orphans' Future, gave assistance to about 50 orphans who visited there. This center provides such assistance as internet access for job searches or to find out about courses for further education, as well as assistance with documents needed to access government support and services. The center operates because of financial support from the World Orphan Project (USA).

Orphans' Future would like to thank all our supporters whose contributions enable us to give Ukrainian orphans a good start to their lives outside the orphanage and a confident hope for their future based on the fact that there are people that care about them. Thank you.

: 10 October 2014

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