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Leadership the key to success

From June 15 till 16, 2014 fifteen graduates of state-run orphanages, aged 16-22 years, participated in a two-day training program called "Leadership - the key to success." The event was organized by former graduates, who are now active volunteers our Orphans Future organization. Such training is possible thanks to financial support from the Global Fund for Children.

Girls and boys learned some basic leadership skills, how to present themselves, what a volunteer is and how to be a useful, contributing member of society. The participants learnt time management skills to enable them to be better organized and to plan to allow sufficient time for the activities of daily living, including work, study and leisure time.

In addition, each group was trained to write a social project and talk about the steps to implement it. Rustam Ergeshov, a trainer from a volunteer youth organization, conducted the sessions on leadership and time management.

During the two days, the orphan graduates discussed their own ideas of what it meant to have a quality life and learnt strategies to help them manage their lives to achieve their goals. During the training it was stressed to the participants the need for continuous self-improvement through study, and acquiring skills, to enable them to live productive and fulfilled lives.

The participants were encouraged to be self-motivated to accept the challenges of building their own lives by setting goals, then planning and working to achieve them.

This kind of meeting in a relaxed atmosphere is productive for young orphans. It has a positive effect on their growth as individuals, because they could all openly share their thoughts, experiences, successes, expressing themselves with the confidence that their ideas and opinions are valued and respected.

: 17 June 2014

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