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Final Camp "On the Threshold of an Independent Life"

From the 6th to the 8th of June, 2014, the recreational complex "Red Kalina (Druzhba, Terebovlia District) hosted a final three-day camp called "On the Threshold of an Independent Life in 2014." Participants were 42 current and future graduates of orphanages from the Ternopil region, namely Koropets, Berezhany, Nove Selo, Strusiv and Ternopil. All had received preliminary training in preparing graduates for an independent life. The training had been conducted by Orphans Future from March to June, 2014.

This social education project was made possible with the financial support from the Global Fund for Children and Ukraine Charity. Most of these funds were spent on office supplies, stipends to pay coaches, transporting participants, and food. Thanks to the fruitful cooperation of the Ternopil State Medical University, the participants had the opportunity to live free in comfortable rooms and use the space and area for quests, competitions, master classes, workshops, and recreation.

This year's participants were divided so that each team included children and young people from different schools. Each team had a motto, name and shirt colors. Participants chose the following names for their teams: "Visionaries", "Superman", "Hot Peppers", and "Zest". In addition to the necessary supplies, each pupil received the book "From Orphanage to Success," which was written by a former orphan. The work of the camp was done in a competitive style so that all the participants were actively involved. Coaches/volunteers created a congenial atmosphere for rallying participants from different boarding schools on the principle of levels" - the essence of which is that the camp was organized by former pupils and graduates of boarding schools.

During the camp, participants completed levels along various stations, at which it was necessary to answer questions or tasks that were set during the last training sessions, namely "Financial Management", "For a healthy lifestyle", "My future profession" and "I am a person." This was organized by quest trainers from the charitable foundation "Caritas". For motivational speakers, former orphans were invited from the youth associations "Fayne Misto" and scout organization "Plast. They talked about their involvement in being productive members of society, the need to develop leadership skills, and to develop independently for professional growth. It was fun for the children from orphanages to listen to young people and participate in the activities that were organized for them.

The most difficult moment of the camp was the last day, when everyone began to leave and return to their schools after such intensive, active experience. Every day the weather was sunny, so participants were able to spend their spare time in the pool, playing water volleyball.

This kind of gathering and work with orphans has a positive impact on their approval, raises their self-esteem, and stimulates and motivates them to make the right decisions necessary for full adaptation to independent life.

: 06 June 2014

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