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"Leadership is the key to success"

Last month, on 11-12 May 2014, fourteen 17-23 years old graduates completed their training Leadership is the key to success, which was held at the recreation centre Forest Manor in Ternopil region. The first of all three trainings was lead by Andriy Nazarenko, the head of CF "Orphans Future" and Volodymyr Yavorsky, a Member of the Board.

The main goal of the training was to unite active and enthusiastic young orphans and to teach them main reasons behind young peoples integration and inclusion into communities and what kind of problems could be solved together. Participants have learned how to write project proposals and how to identify and find solutions to various problems. One of the team has drafted a project plan to organize a recreation process and another one has drafted a project plan to organize a 10 days camp training for children. Majority of young people found this process very challenging.

Apart from it, during the training, participants were trying to establish how to become an active contributor to social processes and how to get the motivation to achieve results by simulating different life situation. They learned how to introduce themselves and team projects and showed excellent results in team performances.

In the evening, participants have had a chance to find out more about their fellow graduates and their life experience. They discussed different life situations and everyone suggested their own solutions to it. Indeed senior graduates shared their true experience of actually solving or failing to solve these problems and what were the obstacles.

It was a rare opportunity to hold this training on leadership teaching in different conditions and atmosphere as would be in the orphanage because of the kind donations from Global Fund for Children and Ukraine Charity. All participants are looking forward to take part in the next trainings and already inviting their former graduates.

: 12 May 2014

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