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Support Ukrainian Orphans Leaving Orphanages at Ages 14-17

In June, 2014 nine boys and six girls the pupils of the Koropets, Berezhany, Ternopil, and Nove Selo orphanages will leave their schools, which had always been home to them for the last 9 to 11 years.

These 1st steps toward independent living can be a very a difficult time. A big part of their future depends on how they start life on their own. For the last five years, thanks to financial support from friends and partners, Orphans Future has provided material and psychological support to the graduates of residential institutions of Ukraines Ternopil region.

We understand that only with joint efforts of community and business the graduates be able to feel strong, necessary support that will help them become worthy citizens of Ukraine.

Please help us to provide the basic needs of the teens who leave orphanages:

A blanket, a set of hygienic products, traveling bags, shoes, sport athletic uniforms, a kitchen set, an iron, electric pot, etc.

Besides the material aid, the young orphans using the Resource Center will receive job seeking assistance, life decision making advice, and will have free access to a computer, printer, scanner, copier and the Internet

The Information Resource Center for Orphans is located at: 37 Chumatska Street, Ternopil, Ukraine

Please contact us if you wish to help: tel: +380 975530820

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: 24 April 2014

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