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Orphans Future 2014 Quarterly Report

During the 1st quarter of 2014, volunteers of Orphans Future conducted the following activities and meetings:

January 2014

- Held a meeting at the Ternopil Regional Employment Center, regarding an extension of a cooperative agreement in 2014 which provides fatherless youth with a job

- Held a working meeting with representatives of the Caritas Foundation and youth NGO "Faine Misto" as future trainers to implement the training program "On the Threshold of Adult Life" in Spring 2014

- Purchased materials for repair of the Dining Room in the Berezhany state-run orphanage

- Installed a new front door in the dining room at Ternopil orphanage (81 St.Bandery Street) through donations from the WALO Group

- Representatives from Orphans Future made a guest appearance on the "Ray of Hope" Ternopil regional radio program. Discussed philanthropy in Ukraine and abroad with Moderator Natalia Gresko

- Began a project to provide recreation and health information for Ternopil children who will be visiting the United States in Summer 2014

- Assisted recent orphanage graduate Ruslan find housing by placing him in an apartment owned by the Caritas Foundation

February 2014

- Mailed ten official letters to local authorities in the Ternopil region to address the chronic issue of housing for orphanage graduates. The letter requested cooperation in the implementation of social housing programs for orphans

- The children of the Ukrainian Cultural Center in London UK organized a fundraising event to provide donations for the workshop "On the Threshold of Adult Life". A total of 1,000 Euros was raised and donated to the workshop

- Orphans Future received a charitable donation of $8,000 from the Global Fund for Children (USA) to implement training programs for future graduates of Ternopil state run orphanages in 2014

- Sent official letters to orphanages of Ternopil region to request updated data regarding the number of graduates at orphanages in the Ternopil region with the purpose of determining the quality of care graduates have received

- Held a Day of Mourning for those killed on the Square in Kiev.

March 2014

- Meetings with the Ternopil Regional State Administration Department of Education and Science to discuss the training program "On the Threshold of Adult Life"

- Meeting in Ternopil City Council, to ensure free transportation for 32 training participants

- Meetings with local business to organize leisure activities during training for future alumni and involvement of local restaurants for free lunch for participants of the training program.

- Helping Berezhany graduate Olya with lodging and treatment in the rehabilitation center "Family " in Ternopil

- Appeal and a permit from the Ministry of Social Policy of Kyiv on the import of humanitarian aid from Holland (36 computers) for boarding schools Ternopil area

- Meeting with Jonathan Donan (USA), a former orphan who discussed the support of Orphans Future projects and helping him in finding his brother Andriy in Ukraine

- Provided assistance to Vasiliy, a graduate of the Zbarazh orphanage who was injured in the events in Kyiv during February 2014. Vasily was provided with medical rehabilitation and aid at Ternopil Hospital #3.

: 02 April 2014

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