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Preparing Orphans for Adult Life

From March 21 to 28 2014, thirty two future graduates of state-run orphanages from Ternopil Koropets, Nove Selo and Berezhany participated in the life skills training workshop On the Threshold of Adult Life." The project is the initiative of former graduates of orphanages, the volunteers of Orphans Future and the participation of trainers from the Caritas Foundation and the youth NGO Fayne Misto, which deserves special attention and appreciation for their volunteer work.

For seven days, the participants acquired the necessary skills for independent living such as improved communication and conflict resolution skills, job seeking strategies and motivational training.

Coaches submitted the material to the future graduates in special way. Pupils had the opportunity to calculate estimates for the food, then buy these products and cook breakfast, lunch and dinner. Organizers have created favorable conditions for the work of the participants, in which they learned to exercise autonomy, used their own resources to perform tasks and have opened themselves up to show a personal side.

Growing up in orphanages, children do not always have the conditions for self- development: the purchase of products, prudent spending, cooking, cleanliness, and personal hygiene from their own initiative. In orphan schools, children are not preparing meals, some do not pay attention to hygiene and clothing, and after graduation many of them face challenges with these basic day to day actions. The Orphans Future team knows from their own experience as orphans the realities of life after school, and this was taken into account when planning the On the Threshold of Adult Life " workshop. The workshop designed activities in a way that allowed each participant to think, speak, and take appropriate actions. They helped the future graduates become more self -confident and reduce fear of the future.

These workshops for orphans are possible thanks to financial support from our loyal friends and partners: Global Fund for Children, Charity Ukraine (formed by Ukrainians living in London, UK), the Ternopil City Council, the Department of Education and Science, and some Ternopil area restaurants and cafes (Two Geese", "Cherchill", "Retro" and "Rumba"). We believe that by applying the time and limited resources we have, we can improve the lives of orphans so that they can become productive and independent citizens of Ukraine.

Future graduates expressed a desire to continue to organize and conduct similar life skill workshops for future graduates. Training opportunities like On the Threshold of Adult Life" has a positive effect on self-development and understanding of the processes that take place outside of the orphanages.

: 29 March 2014

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