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St. Nicolas goes to the Orphans 2012

Charity Action "St. Nicolas goes to the Orphans 2012" organized annually by the Ternopil Regional Foundation, "Orphans Future" for 150 pupils who live in rural state-run orphanages of the Ternopil region. These children's homes are located away from main city areas, and it is hard to get there for people who wish to visit and help the children.

How it was in 2011 see here

The purpose of the Action is to draw attention to the Ternopil local community of the life problems of children at state-run orphanages in rural areas during the Christmas holidays. We would like to give each child who is left without parental care, special attention and joy for the holidays.

Tasks: Volunteers from Orphans Future Foundation who are mostly the former graduates of orphanages, will visit children in rural state-run orphanages of Ternopil region. Volunteers and children at schools will organise performance and attract other children to the festive process: children will share poems or sing songs. At the end of the program, each orphan will receive gifts that will be gathered by donors.

List of Children's homes, which our volunteers visit:

smt. Koropets, village Nove Selo, Berezhany, village Hrymayliv.

What children wish for: soft toys, shoes, jackets, hats and scarves, socks and gloves, balls, fruits, sweets and childrens books. In addition, we need petrol A-92: 40-50 liters for fueling a mini-bus Renault Traffic that will run to the orphanages with a group of volunteers.

Ways to raise funds for Action: Fundraising and new things for orphans will be collected through social advertising in Ternopil city trolley, boxes for donations at local cafes and bars, at local universities and from individuals.

For detailed information, please contact us

If you willing to bring things for the, please use the address below:

Ternopil city, vul: Chumatska 37, (Druzhba district)

To send financial aid to support the winter Charity Actions visit donation page here:

: 02 December 2012

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