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US-Ukraine Reunion after 20 years of separation

On July 28, 2012, after 20 years of separation, former orphans of Ukraine were reunited at the Hotel Galicia. In 1992 the children went to the United States. Some were adopted by American families, others returned to Ukraine to grow up in the orphanages there. Their original journey to the United States created a worldwide scandal which took five years to rectify. Finally, after being assured that the children were safe in America, the case was closed and 56 children were adopted by American families.

Now all those children have grown up and become adults. The reunion was conducted by internet using Skype. Since most of those who live in the United States have forgotten the Ukrainian language the reunion was done with translators in both U.S. and Ukraine. Only four people from the States were able to attend the reunion in Ukraine and the rest were communicating with the Ukrainian side on Skype. All participants were quite emotional, tearfully remembering their pasts, viewing photos of their childhood and exchanging thoughts about how life would have been different had they made a different decision. For more on US -Ukraine Reunion 2012 please read (translate in google) from local media which described the event in detail.

Twenty-five people attended the reunion in Ukraine and twenty three people attended the event in the USA. In the United States the meeting was organized by one of the former students of Koropets Orphanage; Volodimir Markevich (Andy Gruen), who is now U.S. citizen. In Ukraine, the meeting was organized by Ternopil Charitable Foundation "Orphans' Future," made up of volunteers who visited the U.S. in 1992 but returned back and now live in Ukraine and help other orphans in Ternopil region.

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: 07 August 2012

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