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The last school bell rang for the 22 graduates of Koropetsky, Berezhany and Ternopil orphanages who left the schools that had always been home to them. Their introduction to independent adult life, which is full of challenges and surprises, is the most painful issue for the majority of orphans graduating from boarding schools. For recent graduates, graduation is a decisive and difficult moment because after finishing life at the boarding school it is hard to imagine what is waiting for them in life outside the school. It is totally different from what they are accustomed to in the institutions where there was always food ready on schedule, relaxing sleep and teachers who replaced the orphans’ own fathers and mothers by always guiding and caring about them.

People who came to support the alumni were volunteers of the Foundation "Orphan’s Future": V.Tanchyk, A. Nazarenko , A. Jaworski and B. Hrynkiw. They told from their own experience what the young people who leave their home at the orphanage and enter into an independent life will need. This year, each graduate received a voucher worth $65 from the social fund. With this document the graduate will be able to come to the Center for Orphans (37 Chumatska St.) and together with the supervisor, visit the local supermarket and buy the necessary supplies and products. (koropets)

In addition to financial support of alumni, volunteers talked with them on topics that concern them the most and gave them useful tips encouraging them to seek help when needed. Most graduates will enter vocational schools with plans to try to enter the universities in the future.

May 19-20, 2012 four active volunteers, V.Yavosrkyy, A.Tsipkalo, Ye.Lysnyak and A.Nazarenko took part in a two-day camp called "Sure Start". The camp was for graduates of the orphanages of the Kiev region, organized by the charity organization "Every Child Partnership." Participants had the opportunity to assess their own strengths, have a lot of fun, receive much useful information, share life experiences and have a very active, yet restful time. Special thanks to the organizers, because such events in the lives of orphans should be held as often as possible for the self-realization and development of self-confidence of orphans. (foto-kiev)

On behalf of the Foundation "Orphans Future" Many Thanks to Olia Dmytryk (United Kingdom) for financial assistance in organizing the celebration for graduates in 2012 in the Ternopil region.

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: 31 May 2012

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