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The conference Step into the Future

On December 2-3, 2009 - The conference Step into the Future was organized and held by the Orphans' Future Foundation for orphan students of the Ternopil Universities. 78 participants joined the event, and local media broadcast it to the community, highlighting the major problems that orphans face in life (specifically, housing and jobs in the current economic climate)

The young orphans had an opportunity to personally meet government and local NGO representatives who gave each orphan an information packet, with details on how each government/NGO group can be of assistance to orphans during their critical adaptation period: going from the orphanage to independent life.

Along with the serious information presented, the children also had a lot of fun with a 2 hour Talent Show and a celebration dinner.

Donors: - WALO Group (Holland), UUARC, Inc (USA)

The total event's expenses - $1,000 US dollars


: 02-03 December 2009

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