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Winter shoes for orphans

Before Winter 2010, Orphans Future, together with private donor Igor Makar from London (UK) purchased winter shoes for 11 orphan youth living in the Ternopil regional state-run dormitory (Karpenka 16, Street).

There are many problems that orphans face during the adaptation process to independent life, and every type of assistance given to these youth is very important. Even the smallest donation makes a huge difference in the lives of orphan youth, and in turn our world in general.

These shoes will go a long way in providing basic comfort to the orphans, and will help prevent illnesses related to cold feet and bodies in the harsh Ukraine winter. This is very important given the amount of H1N1 flu going around Ukraine, as well as other serious (as of yet undiagnosed) respiratory illnesses that have sickened and hospitalized many Ukrainians.

: 16-11-2009

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