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September 2009 Events

August 28 - Founder/Executive Director of Orphans' Future Mr. Andriy Nazarenko returned from a working journey in the United States of America in the US Midwestern states of Wisconsin, Illinois and Iowa. Mr. Nazarenko conducted meetings, made new contacts, and gave presentations to American and Ukrainian organizations such as: United Ukrainian American Relief Committee, (UUARC), Vermont Lutheran Church, Cross View Church, Calvary United Church of Christ, and World Orphan Project. Meetings were also held with Tanas and Dzvinka Hayda. Together, we were able to raise $3,500 US Dollars for orphans of the Ternopil region.

September 11 - Lillya Furman and Andriy Nazarenko worked together to purchase and distribute diapers for young children at the Ternopil baby orphanage "MALYATKO" (Sakharova Street) and the street children at the Ternopil Children's Shelter (Strimka Street). $ spent: $200.

September 18 - The Koropets Orphanage (Monastyrysk District) received the gift of a modern computer with a printer/scanner/copier from Orphans' Future. A working meeting was also conducted with the Administration of Koropets Orphanage and two representatives of Orphans' Future: Oleksandr Popov and Andriy Nazarenko. Current problems faced by the Orphanage, school and students, plus potential solutions to those problems were discussed, as the 2009-10 School Year is beginning. $ spent for print/scanner/copier: $900.

During the month - Letters were sent to the Chairmen of Village Majors regarding a potential grant or purchase of a building (where is the building?) to Orphan's Future. Currently, this building is unoccupied. The building would be used to house orphans and address the reoccurring problem of "Registration" for orphans, especially street/homeless orphans. This project is called "Habitat for the Homeless Orphans of Ternopil".

September 26 - Orphans Future organized and conducted an excursion to Pochaiiv City (Pochaivska of Lavra) for 30 students of the Koropets Orphanage. Volunteers: Yavorskiy Volodymyr, Fetish Andrey. $ spent: $200.

September 28-29 - Mr. Nazarenko conducted a working meeting with representatives from the Ternopil Regional Education Department's including: Mrs. Fedorovich Teodoziya Zinoviivna, Mrs. Moravska Natalia Stepanivna, and Ms. Kateryna Samoylova (Art-Center). The participants discussed planning a conference of orphan students from Ternopil High Educational Institutions on Tuesday November 3rd, 2009.

September 5 - Mr. Nazarenko and volunteers of Orphans Future visited Ivano-Frankivsk City to meet with local Non-Government Organizations/NGO's (Solidarnist', etc.) The participants discussed future cooperation in Ivano-Frankivsk city and planned to send and distribute a humanitarian aid from Orphans' Future to orphans of the city.

September 19 - four active volunteers of the Orphans Future took a trip to Chernivtsi City to attend the National Festival "Red RUTA"

Two times a week during the month of September, Orphans' Future conducted meetings with the orphan graduates of the 2008-2009 class. These meetings began the giving of information, material & legal support to the 2008-09 class. Acquaintances of the orphan students who study at technical schools and work at a dormitory for orphans (at 16 Karpenko Street in Ternopil) asked Orphans' Future for an additional refrigerator, and their request was granted.

: 01-30 September 2009

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