October 25th, 2023

GoCampaing supports young people in their future choices

During the months of October - December 2023, young people who are participants in the programs of the "Future of Orphans" fund will have short informative meetings on the topics that are of most concern to today's youth: health, documents, rights and responsibilities, search and retention at work, psychology, and self-education.

Thanks to a grant of 5,000 dollars from GoCampaign (USA), the technical condition of the premises of a social hostel for young people leaving care is being improved, and in addition to educational work, 12-14 project participants will receive assistance for the purchase of food and hygiene products.

We thank GoCampaing for such opportunities for our youth, to communicate in a circle of like-minded people, to get answers to questions that will help them solve life problems and build their better independent future.

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