December 25, 2022

Supporting the graduates from state-run orphanages

During the heating season, graduates of state run orphanage boarding schools of the Ternopil region experience a lack of funds to pay for utility services, especially for heat. Without the support of their parents, these young people find themselves in difficult circumstances and need our support.

Thanks to your monthly charitable contributions, we were able to provide financial assistance to twelve young people, graduates, who are working or taking care of children, but the earnings are not enough to pay rent and utilities in our realities.

The amount of assistance during this period totaled UAH 87619.00 ($ 2400 USD), of which:

in September for utilities - UAH 40,800.00 ($1118.00 USD) – for 12 people

in October for utilities - UAH 28,460.00 ($780.00 USD) for 7 people

in December for food products - UAH 18,359.00 ($503.00 USD) for 10 people

Including, we paid taxes for young people according to the law: UAH 5,550.00 ($152)

We sincerely thank each person for their concern and wish a peaceful sky, happiness and good health for many years.

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