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Orphans and children deprived of parental care in the Ternopil region who come from state-run institutions or family forms of education remain abandoned without the support of the state, which takes care of them only until the age of 18, and already after they reach the age of 21, such adult orphans become not needed by anyone. During this period, it is most difficult for every young person to find herself in life, to give herself advice, and even more so to achieve her goals on her own. They are in a difficult financial situation, they do not have a permanent and stable job, they do not have enough funds for elementary things - food, clothes, detergents, housing rent, treatment.

Started: September 2017.

Participants: graduates of residential institutions, family forms of education from the number of orphans and children deprived of parental care in Ternopil region, who are in difficult life circumstances.


To provide quarterly necessary food products, personal hygiene products, household items, equipment, clothes, shoes, help for treatment or improve the financial situation of orphanage graduates who are deprived of parental care of Ternopil Oblast, who are in difficult life circumstances, to increase their level of quality of life; to prevent the phenomenon of orphanhood

What are we doing?

  • We monitor and register former residents of residential institutions and family forms of education from among orphans and children deprived of parental care in Ternopil region, who are in difficult life circumstances and need help
  • We make a list of the necessary individual needs of the program participants and approve the program estimate
  • We spread the charity program in the mass media and social networks, in order to involve local benefactors/businesses/volunteers
  • We carry out communication and registration of well-wishers who have expressed a desire to join the program
  • We provide transportation of "aid" to participants of the Fund Program
  • We ensure the distribution of charitable assistance to program participants
  • We make a photo report of aid recipients in the process of implementing the program
  • We sum up the results of the program and collect success stories of Program participants who managed to improve their life situation
  • We highlight the results of the program to benefactors and the public in the mass media and social networks
  • We thank the benefactors/volunteers who joined the Program

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October 25th, 2023
GoCampaing supports young people in their future choices
During the months of October - December 2023, young people who are participants in the programs of the "Future of Orphans" fund will have short informative meetings on the topics that are of most concern to today's youth: health, documents, rights and responsibilities, search and retention at work, psychology, and self-education.
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February 27, 2023
Humanitarian aid for orphanage children and youth
Thanks to the humanitarian aid from WALO group, the Netherlands and Ukrainians Cordoba, Spain in February 22 graduates and 36 children of residential institutions of the Ternopil region received the necessary goods: power banks, reflective vests, hygiene products, and food products: soups, pasta, rice, sausages, vitamins, sugar , as well as: pans, pots, bedding and towels and sweets.
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December 25, 2022
Supporting the graduates from state-run orphanages
During the heating season, graduates of state run orphanage boarding schools of the Ternopil region experience a lack of funds to pay for utility services, especially for heat. Without the support of their parents, these young people find themselves in difficult circumstances and need our support.
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