November 14th, 2023

Team building and time management

During the weekend, November 10-12, our teenagers once again mastered the necessary skills and knowledge from the basics of independent life. This time, Maksym Grigoriev plunged them into the world of Leadership, Team Building and Management. His important and practical advice to future graduates plays an important role in the independent life of young people.

In addition, coach Teodor Arkusha conducted a self-defense master class for boys and girls. Everyone was able to practice different types of self-defense, because "who suffers in training, it is easier in battle."

In order to better understand the area, Andriy Nazarenko organized a quest around the city of Ternopil. The teenagers' task was to find the locations that were indicated on the leaflets and complete the tasks there. Children are very fond of this type of activity.

Thanks to an anonymous benefactor, 15 of our participants of the "On the threshold of independent life" program watched a feature film, which the children independently chose during the voting. And afterwards, the children were treated to delicious pizza and juices, thanks to our friends Tetyana Chubak, the head of the charitable foundation "PODOLYANA". On Saturday, the "SFERA" restaurant treated high school students to a delicious and hot lunch. We thank every caring business of the city of Ternopil for their partnership in the implementation of socially significant programs and projects of our foundation.

This time, the children independently prepared pancakes with cheese, buckwheat with chicken legs and salad, and thanks to Volodymyr Yavorskyi, the children took a master class on making dumplings.

Join the implementation of the project "On the threshold of independent life", which continues throughout the year for 12-14 high school students of care institutions in Ternopil, Berezhana, and Nove Selo. We are grateful to these institutions for their understanding and cooperation. After all, this is the only project in Ukraine that is implemented in a very interesting and important way for children.

Thank you to people who spend time with children 24/7

The cost of such training for two nights for 14 children is: fuel for refueling the vehicle - 1,500 hryvnias, purchase of food for cooking two breakfasts and two dinners - 2,600 hryvnias. Stationery and reward - 1000 hryvnias.

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