October 16th, 2023

Learning and understanding personal financial management

The first training workshop "Financial Literacy" was held in Ternopil for 11 high school students from care institutions in Berezhany, Nove Selo and Ternopil.

Over the course of the weekend, boys and girls learned how to estimate purchases, plan their meals, buy groceries, prepare breakfasts and dinners.

Thank you Oleksandr Sokhatskyi - Financial Advisor for organizing the "Life Capital" game. The children learned about income, expenses, loans and deposits.

Thanks to the representatives of the Ternopil regional youth methodical center @Ruslan Babiak, Bohdan Butkovskyi for holding a military-patriotic session.

Thanks to the Churchill restaurant and "Stara pizzeria" in Ternopil for providing lunches.

It is very important for children to start trying to live an independent, responsible life. Through these experiences they develop their thinking and practical experience.

Thanks for the financial assistance goes to friends and colleagues whose generous support enabled these training events to take place.

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