Life Skills For Orphans

The problem

Orphans who leave the state-run institutions at age 16-17 of Ukraine are unprepared for independent adult life.

Solution: To develop basic skills and abilities in high school students of residential institutions, necessary for full social integration, successful independent life, and to motivate them to make informed life choices.

The task: to conduct interactive and practical classes on the basics of independent living and a final camp for students of residential institutions in grades 8-11 of the Ternopil region.

Target audience: pupils of the 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th grades of residential institutions of the Nove Selo,Berezhny boarding school and the Ternopil orphanage.

The total duration of the Program: September - May months. includes 9 modules. Each module is designed for 7 hours of work (two days) on weekends (Friday, Saturday, Sunday).

Budget for the year: for 14 people is - 84000 hryvnias. ($ 3500)

Trainers: representatives of public organizations of Ternopil with experience in conducting trainings, educational programs for teenagers and young people: BF "Caritas" Ternopil ("Mobile work with youth"), HNC "Uspikh" of Ternopil, School of Financial Literacy "RICH&HAPPY".

Partners: Department of Education and Science of the Ternopil Regional State Administration, residential institutions of the Ternopil Region, volunteers, entrepreneurs of the city.

Forms of work with the teens:
  • Work in pairs
  • Work in groups
  • Discussions
  • Individual work
  • Brainstorm
  • Discussion of fairy tales (parables, proverbs, metaphors, stories)
  • Role games
  • Simulation of situations
  • Discussion in the general group
  • Information messages
  • Lesson reflection (feedback)
Educational modules of classes with elements of training
Module I "Experience of independent life: dreams and reality"

Purpose: to motivate high school students to plan their own lives, visualize their future achievements and determine personal goals and ways to achieve them

  1. The future through the eyes of a graduate (the connection of the past with the present and the future)
  2. Organization of one's own life (independence, initiative, responsibility for one's actions and documents)
  3. Goals and why they are needed in the life of a graduate
  4. Solving life difficulties (understanding who can turn to for help and developing an algorithm of actions in typical situations)

Module II "Communication Skills"

Purpose: to increase the competence of high school students in effective interpersonal communication, interaction with others and the development of conflict resolution skills

  1. Communication skills
  2. Tolerant communication
  3. Prevention of conflicts, behavior in conflict situations
  4. Safety of communication on the Internet

Module III "Career Guidance and Education"

Purpose: To motivate high school students to consciously choose a profession, to form an understanding of the relationship between education, further professional employment and labor market demand, to develop self-presentation and public speaking skills

  1. Education (why is it?)
  2. Career orientation
  3. Employment
  4. Self-presentation and public speaking skills
  5. My duties (based on the rights of a young person according to Resolution of the CMU No. 226 of April 5, 1994)
  6. Volunteer work (what is it and why is it needed?)

Module IV "Time and Finance Management Skills"

Purpose: To provide participants with basic knowledge and develop practical skills in managing their own time and effective financial management, drawing up a personal budget

  1. The role of finance in human life
  2. Planning and drawing up a family budget
  3. Time management (why does a young person need it?)
  4. Life time for self-development (time thieves)

Module V "Relationships with the opposite sex"

Purpose: To develop communication skills with a person of the opposite sex, safe sexual behavior, to form ideas about family and marital relations.

  1. Friendship and love: differences
  2. Personal development of a close person
  3. Responsibility in sexual relations
  4. Rules of future family life
  5. Request for help (in critical situations)

Module VI "Healthy lifestyle"

Purpose: To form participants' healthy lifestyle skills, to develop the ability to avoid danger in everyday situations

  1. Personal hygiene (self care)
  2. Rational food (a plate of healthy food)
  3. Harmful habits (why are they really harmful?)
  4. The benefits of physical activity on the human body
  5. Seeking medical assistance as an integral part of a healthy lifestyle

Module VII "Practical Life Skills"

Purpose: To develop the skills of independent solving of household issues

  1. Use of public transport
  2. Searching for a place where a trainer class is held
  3. Payment of travel in transport
  4. Menu planning


Тернопільських випускників-сиріт готують до дорослого життя. Канал інтернет-телебачення МедіаТОР

Випускникам шкіл-інтернатів важко адаптуватись. Сюжет телекомпанії TV-4

Сиріт з Тернопільщини вчили бути дорослими. Сюжет телекомпанії TV-4

Тернопільських сиріт готують до самостійного життя. Тернопільський медіа-центр ТМЦ.ІНФО

Тернопіль: Благодійна акція «На порозі самостійного життя»

«На порозі самостійного життя». Підсумковий табір

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